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Coastal Endurance Array  Open Network Folder \\ALFRESCOWINPROD\Alfresco\OOI\Technical Data Package (TDP) Repository\As-Built\Coastal Endurance Array 
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Coastal Gliders Coastal GlidersCE05MOAS TDP Indices22 January 2016 10:2322 January 2016 10:23CopyView Details
Oregon Inshore Coastal Surface Piercing Profiler Oregon Inshore Coastal Surface Piercing ProfileruCSPP22 January 2016 10:2622 January 2016 10:26CopyView Details
Oregon Inshore Surface Mooring Oregon Inshore Surface MooringCE01ISSM TDPs for the OOI surface mooring at the Oregon Inshore site 22 January 2016 10:2722 January 2016 10:27CopyView Details
Oregon Offshore Benthic Experiment Package Oregon Offshore Benthic Experiment PackageCE04OSBP TDP Indices for EA Oregon Offshore BEP22 January 2016 10:2922 January 2016 10:29CopyView Details
Oregon Offshore Surface Mooring Oregon Offshore Surface MooringCE04OSSM TDP22 January 2016 10:3022 January 2016 10:30CopyView Details
Oregon Shelf Benthic Experiment Package Oregon Shelf Benthic Experiment PackageCE02SHBP TDP Index repository for EA OR Shelf BEPs22 January 2016 10:3122 January 2016 10:31CopyView Details
Oregon Shelf Cabled Coastal Surface Piercing Profiler Oregon Shelf Cabled Coastal Surface Piercing ProfilerCE02SHSP OR Shelf cCSPP - TDP Indices22 January 2016 10:3222 January 2016 10:32CopyView Details
Oregon Shelf Surface Mooring Oregon Shelf Surface MooringCE02SHSM TDP22 January 2016 10:3422 January 2016 10:34CopyView Details
Special Test Equipment Special Test Equipment22 January 2016 10:3522 January 2016 10:35CopyView Details
Washington Inshore Coastal Surface Piercing Profiler Washington Inshore Coastal Surface Piercing ProfilerCE09ISSP WA Inshore uCSPP - TDP Indices22 January 2016 10:3822 January 2016 10:38CopyView Details
Washington Inshore Surface Mooring Washington Inshore Surface MooringCE06ISSM WA ISSM - TDP Indices22 January 2016 10:3822 January 2016 10:38CopyView Details
Washington Offshore Surface Mooring Washington Offshore Surface MooringCE09OSSM TDP22 January 2016 10:3922 January 2016 10:39CopyView Details
Washington Offshore Wire Following Profiler Washington Offshore Wire Following ProfilerCE09OSPM WA Offshore WFP - TDP Indices22 January 2016 10:4022 January 2016 10:40CopyView Details
Washington Shelf Coastal Surface Piercing Profiler Washington Shelf Coastal Surface Piercing ProfilerCE07SHSP WA Shelf uCSPP - TDP Indices22 January 2016 10:4122 January 2016 10:41CopyView Details
Washington Shelf Surface Mooring Washington Shelf Surface MooringCE07SHSM TDP22 January 2016 10:4222 January 2016 10:42CopyView Details
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