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Global Argentine Basin Array  Open Network Folder \\CIW-ALFRESCOA\Alfresco\OOI\Global%20Argentine%20Basin%20Array 
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OOI Global Argentine Basin Array (CGSN 3000 Level) Documentation
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Asset Information Asset InformationGlobal Argentine Basin Array Asset Testing and Deployment Information21 October 2015 17:256 April 2018 15:43CopyView DetailsMore Actions
Cruise Data Cruise DataShipboard Data from Global Argentine Cruises21 October 2015 17:226 June 2020 22:58CopyView DetailsMore Actions
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._.DS_Store ._.DS_Store4 KB14 July 2016 20:0530 June 2017 01:27DownloadView DetailsMore Actions
.DS_Store .DS_Store6 KB14 July 2016 20:055 October 2021 21:14DownloadView DetailsMore Actions
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